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At Grace Reformed Church, the style of our worship and our music is what many would call "traditional." We sing hymns, have a choir, use an organ, piano, bells, and other appropriate instruments to accompany our singing in worship. But, as is referenced in our Liturgical Worship, this is done intentionally not out of an analysis of our own preferences as a congregation, but as a conscious effort to make our worship conform to Scripture as closely as it can. It is a blessing that there is no specific set of God-ordained instruments to use in our worship, or specific songs to sing other than the Psalms. The music we use in worship is always thought of as a musical offering to God brought by the congregation of believers. Because the music of worship is always an act of the congregation, that influences how we use music and what music we use:

  • We sing hymns with texts of great poetic and theological integrity. We are thankful for the blessing of a collection of worship music that allows us to commune with the body of believers stretching back hundreds of years. Even within our Trinity Hymnal and other resources, we continue to seek out those pieces that are of greatest quality and that support each individual message. Hymns have the added benefit of having been written for groups of people to sing, not individuals, so their range and technical ability needed to sing them well allows the congregation to make their offering more excellent.
  • We use a choir to present musical offerings of a level of detail and complexity unavailable to the congregation as a whole. We understand that when the choir or any other musician is providing music in worship, it is not for the entertainment of congregation, but as their representative. For this reason the choir, organ, bell choir, and any other musical offerings come from behind and within the congregation, not toward it. 
  • We use other instruments as appropriate to the music being utilized in worship. We have a bell choir because the sound of bells adds variety to our sounds and is an excellent sound to support meditation. At times we will use percussion, wind, and string instruments when the music being used calls for it. 
  • The music of worship should support the Word being preached. Each Sunday, the music that surrounds the Word being preached should specifically support, draw from, and deepen the message being delivered. The worship committee, pastor, and musicians work together to make the bond between the message and all other elements of the service as close as possible, making the offering of our worship more excellent.
  • Our musical offerings should be excellent and reflect how we view God. Therefore, we sing a variety of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs that reflect the many attributes of God: His love, mercy, and grace, but also His righteousness, holiness, sovereignty, and Divine justice.
We are always looking for more skilled musicians from the congregation to participate as choir members and soloists of all kinds. If you would like to contribute in this way, contact Zach Vreeman (Choirmaster) for more information. Our regular rehearsals are:
Wednesdays (September-May)
7:00-8:00pm - Choir


Sunday Morning Worship @ 8:30am

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