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At GRC, we continually look for ways to affect the world, not just our congregation. As a result, we support several missions both here in Casper and beyond, including:

Below you will find the most recent articles and reports about our mission outreach. If you would like to know more about any particular mission, or want to know how you can help, contact us!

Grace Reformed Church @ City Park’s Evangelism Ministry is tasked by the Session to select ministry partners through prayer & study, based on whether a ministry displays a solid desire to spread the Gospel in our community, our nation, or in the world. A tithe…10%… of all the gifts, tithes, offerings that the church receives each week goes into our “Tithe to Mission” account and is distributed by the Evangelism Ministry through the year to the following ministry partners, some on a year-after-year basis & some on a one-time basis as funds are available.

GLOBAL ministry: we focus on one 
 *Channel North Africa:  

        Based in Sete, France, CNA is a television ministry “broadcast in all North Africa’s main spoken languages…Arabic, Kabyle, & French. The focus audience includes Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco & Tunisia…a population of over 80 million”…with additional North African countries being added rapidly. The broadcast can be heard around the world on satellite. CNA desires to “see the peoples of North Africa reconciled with God, regenerated, & transformed by the Gospel in the societies in which they live.”  
CNA’s MISSION: “to proclaim the Gospel & teach the Word to North Africans and to facilitate the integration & training of disciples in a local church.”
  CNA’s discipleship program is called DDK, letters which make the sound of the Greek word for teaching, Didache. Trained disciples who are nationals are then able to lead believers & answer their questions. This prevents the problem of syncretism…the mixing of two faiths
        We strive to be Christ-centered (Matt 4:19), dependent on God and Holy Spirit led.  
        We are evangelical, under the supreme authority of the Bible, the inspired Word of God.
        We are strongly committed to North African communities worldwide.
        We desire excellence in our work, stewardship and relationships.

NATIONAL ministry: church planting in areas of our EPC West Presbytery where there are no EPC churches or large areas of non-believers. Currently, we are in the prayer/ study phase of specific ministry selection as we assess the needs in our Presbytery.


LOCAL ministries: we focus on two with which we have partnered for many years …

* Wyoming Rescue Mission:  
      Our outreach:
      > Monetary donation during May matching month
      > VeggieDairian Ministry: provide milk to WRM guests through weekly congregational donations of cash/change in a large jar
      > Butterfly Tree: gifts provided under a decorated tree in the church parlor during Advent for the children of WRM’s women’s                      shelter, the Transformation Center; special needs are also met for TTC (most recently a vacuum cleaner, nice office chair, twin                sheets)
      About: Opened first in 1978 as Soul’s Anchor on CY Avenue, WRM has been in its present location on N. Park, the renovated Park Street Hotel, since 1991. The faith-based discipleship program men moved across the street into their own newly purchased modular housing in 1995. In 1996, Rescued Treasures, a thrift store intended to provide proceeds for the mission and work skills for Discipleship Program opened downtown. (It expanded to a huge store on 2nd in 2016.) In 2007, women guests moved out of the main mission into their own housing…upstairs for discipleship program guests & downstairs for emergency shelter guests. The new branch of the Mission was called The Transformation Center. By Thanksgiving 2018, a huge newly-built facility will be completed next to the Park Street location. The desire is to have it ready to serve Thanksgiving dinner 2018! WRM “restores with the love of Christ those struggling with homelessness back to society as independent community members by nurturing sanctuaries of radical hospitality where the homeless & needy experience the transforming love of Jesus thus propelling the church into the lead role alleviating poverty in Wyoming." 

* True Care Pregnancy Resource Center:"erasing the perceived need for abortion in Central Wyoming”

      Our Outreach:
         >Hymn Sing For Life…a spring fundraiser at the church
         >Support for half a day (on our birthday, March 16th)
         >Baby Bottle Boomerang
         >Walk for Life (the church usually has a team of walkers/runners) early June
         >Dorcas Comfort Ministry makes soft baby gifts for newborns of True Care clients
      About: True Care was founded (& its mission remains the same as when it started)…“to reach women who need to know what their options are.  It is a medical clinic that offers ultrasound confirmation of  pregnancy, limited STD testing specific to the infections that most affect a woman’s future fertility, education through a number of programs, mentoring & an abortion recovery program. The organization is supported through donations, mostly from individuals & churches.”   


OTHER LOCAL outreach includes …

      > our website
      > our Facebook page
      > bread ministry for those visiting a worship service for the first time
      > postcard invitations at local parades for various church activities/services
      > Parents Night Out just before Christmas each year
      > in prayer about a similar outreach to parents/kids in the summertime


OTHER GLOBAL outreach includes …
      As a congregation and individually, we pray for several EPC global workers & pastors around the world and for pastors in special needs areas in the US. For the last several years, we have been able to provide some monetary support for one global worker/family or pastor/family at the end of each year. 



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