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Sunday Morning Worship @ 8:30am

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Grace Reformed Church

834 Wolcott, Casper, WY - MAP
Ph: (307) 237-9509

Recent Updates

Sun. 11/17
Unity in the Body
Sun. 8/18
Jesus, the Greater David

We are continuing today our study of the Psalms. By the second week of September we will have looked at a total of 8 Psalms, and I hope that God has been speaking to you through this study.

Sun. 9/8
Praise and Thanksgiving, Always

We’ve come to the end of this particular study in the Psalms (we may return to individual Psalms at some point), and it seems fitting, makes the most sense that we would end with the final Psalm in the book, Psalm 150. It’s not a very long Psalm, and it should be fairly familiar to us.

Sun. 11/10
Even Suffering a Blessing

Philippians 1:28-30

Sun. 11/3
Suffering for Christ

The Word comes to us today again from Philippians. We are planning to continue in Philippians until after Thanksgiving, when we’ll have a series of Advent sermons, and then pick Philippians back up after Christmas.