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Title New Testament Old Testament Series
Slave or Free Sermon, June 13, 2021 John 8:31-38 Amos 3:1-10 John
In Case You Missed It Sermon, June 6, 2021 John 8:12-30 Zechariah 14:1-9 John
Who's to Judge? Sermon, May 30, 2021 John 8:1-11 Deuteronomy 17:1-7 John
To the End of the Earth: Pentecostal Fire Sermon, May 23, 2021 Acts 2:1-13
The Spirit Flows Sermon, May 16, 2021 John 7:25-53 Ezekiel 47:1-12 John
All in Perspective Sermon, May 9, 2021 John 7:14-24 Job 42:1-6 John
My Teaching Is Not Mine Sermon, May 2, 2021 John 7:1-18 Daniel 4:19-27 John
Hard Sayings Sermon, April 25, 2021 John 6:60-71 Genesis 17:1-8 John
You Are What You Eat Sermon, April 18, 2021 John 6:48-59 Isaiah 42:1-9 John
How Belief Works Sermon, April 11, 2021 John 6:35-47 Isaiah 55:1-11 John


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Recent Updates

Sun. 6/13
Slave or Free

We return this morning to the book of John, as we so frequently do these days, and we’ll continue in this extended episode of Jesus’s teaching at the Feast of Booths.

Sun. 6/6
In Case You Missed It

We return again to the gospel according to John, as we have been since last September. Now that it’s June, the last couple summers you may remember that I took on various Psalms then, but both of those summers we weren’t actually in the middle of anything.

Sun. 5/30
Who's to Judge?

I wanted to thank the elders for affording me that week off last week, and I hear that there was a great sermon read in my absence. As we return to John, we come to a sort of troublesome passage, for reasons that we will cover as we expound it.

Sun. 5/23
To the End of the Earth: Pentecostal Fire

The Coming of the Holy Spirit

Sun. 5/16
The Spirit Flows

We continue this morning with our looking at John chapter 7, which is about the events surrounding the Feast of Booths, and Jesus’s time there.