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Sermon, December 7, 2014

Expectation 6: Usefulness

Brothers and sisters in Christ,


There was a baby shower here yesterday for Sheila, our former secretary. Each time a little child is born, the child is quite helpless. Tiny little hands and feet, she can’t walk, or talk. But already into her mother’s and father’s minds have come thoughts about her future. Before that helpless little child there stands an open door. What is she to become? What will she do? When people think of this child, what will come to mind? What will she stand for in people’s minds?


Sermon, November 30, 2014

Expectation 5 - Reality

On the 14th day of June, A.D. 325, there was an assembly of Christians that has come to be very well known as a pivotal moment in history of the church. The Emperor of Rome, Constantine the Christian, summoned somewhat more than 300 bishops from all over the Empire, to come together to iron out a very important theological question; the major topic was the deity of Christ. We call this the Council of Nicea.

Sermon, November 23, 2014

Expectation 4 - Holiness

Brothers and sisters in Christ,


The theologian Reinhold Niebuhr jotted down these words in his diary early in his pastoral ministry. “There is something ludicrous about a callow young fool like myself standing up to preach a sermon to these good folks.” He was struck with more than his own ignorance, an attribute that he wryly noted may be taken as a virtue in this profession. What got to him more was the tendency that is hard to escape of beating one’s drum most vigorously in the pulpit for ideals that seem most remote from the life of one’s people.

Sermon, Nov. 16, 2014

Expectation 3 - Truth

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

During Jesus’ trial before Pilate, there is a very intimate moment when the accused and the judge have narrowed down the issue to its most basic point. (John 18:33-38) The conversation begins with Pilate asking Jesus, “Are you the King of the Jews?” This was the charge Jesus’ accusers brought against Him.

Very soon the conversation drifts naturally away from this political accusation because Pilate realizes that Jesus is no threat to Rome.


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