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Sermon, July 6, 2014

Prayer and the Scriptures

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

We are in the process this summer of looking at what makes the Church the Church. I don’t know if Henry was aware he was kicking off a series when he delivered last Sunday’s message.

It is a presupposition that I take as a given that one useful place to look to examine the subject of what the Church is to be and do is what marks the Church displayed in its earliest days, closest to the time when Jesus walked among His people on the earth.

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Sermon, June 29, 2014

The Holy Catholic Church

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

It seems to be a source of considerable discomfort to some folks on Sunday mornings when they get to the article in the Apostles’ Creed where they confess they believe in one “holy catholic Church.” They say to themselves, or sometimes to the pastor, that as Protestants they don’t know why they should affirm the Catholic church. Why don’t we Presbyterians do as some other protestant denominations and substitute the word Christian for Catholic?

Sermon, June 22, 2014

I Believe in the Holy Ghost

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

If I were to take a poll this morning to discover if all of us believe in the Holy Spirit, I would guess that virtually everyone would answer, “Of course we do.” Some of us might be a little embarrassed at the question. After all, don’t all Christians believe? Presbyterians learn the Apostles’ Creed well, and we say it almost every Sunday morning, and in it we say, “I believe in the Holy Ghost.”

It is good that we can say this. But having said it, what have we said? What do we mean? And what difference does it make?


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