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October 2020 | Grace Reformed Church

Sermon, October 25, 2020

He's Been Doing This for a Long Time

We return to John this morning, and are now getting to chapter 2. To set the stage a little bit here we should remind ourselves of what we learned in the first chapter, because the things that are here in the second and following chapters are not here by accident. Remember that John is not like the other gospels. The synoptic gospels all attempt to record history, try to get as much detail about Jesus’s life and ministry as they can. In Matthew we get lengthy discourses about various teachings that Jesus certainly shared on more than one occasion.

Sermon, October 18, 2020

To Each One Grace Was Given

Heavenly Father, we thank You for this Your word. We ask that You teach us wonderful things from Your law, and that by Your Spirit we would not simply wrap our minds around the truth, but that we would be so gripped in the very depths of our hearts that we would believe, desire, and live out this truth. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Hear the word of God:

Sermon, October 11, 2020

By Many Names

We continue this morning our study of the Gospel According to John, and this morning we will be finishing the first chapter. It’s getting much more exciting! Things are starting to happen, more and more people are entering the scene. Two weeks ago the only people on the stage were John the Baptist and this Pharisee delegation from Jerusalem. Then last week we saw Jesus finally enter the stage, and John the Baptist recognized him as the Messiah, but even more than that, the Lamb of God.

Sermon, October 4, 2020

Behold the Lamb of God

I’ll ask that you turn with me again this morning to the book of John. This is the fourth of what will be five sermons on the first chapter of John. We could, of course, do many more than that, with how packed full of doctrine this first chapter is. And it’s no surprise that as we turn to what has been edited to be the next paragraph, with its own heading, in the chapter, that we are greeted with even more doctrine. And in this brief story, it comes to us first through John naming Christ, naming him something specific.

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Recent Updates

Sun. 1/17
Living Waters

We turn this morning again to the gospel of John. We’ve finished with chapter 3, one of the most often-quoted chapters of scripture in the entire bible, and it is remarkable what we’ve uncovered so far.

Sun. 1/10
Too High to Comprehend, Yet So Simple

We have the joy again this morning of coming to God’s Word. To open it, to read it, to study it, to unfold the truths that it has for us, and to apply it to our lives. It’s been another tough week in our lives as a nation, thinking especially about goings-on at the national political level.

Sun. 1/3
On Celebrity

Happy New Year to everyone! I want to thank you for allowing me the time to be gone last week. I was a little disappointed to spend so much planned time off as a healthy person in quarantine, but alas, these are the times we live in!

Sun. 12/27
Why Was Jesus Born in 4 BC?

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