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May 2020 | Grace Reformed Church

Sermon, May 31, 2020

God's Sovereign Choice

We continue again this morning with our seventh message in our brief 8-week look at the pillars of Reformed Theology, or like I’ve said before, really a biblical theology, because that’s really what it is. And that’s not to be haughty or arrogant in our theology (that is one charge against Calvinists in our current time), but we can certainly call it a biblical theology if what we are using is scripture alone to define it.

Sermon, May 17, 2020

Sola Christus

And with that confidence and rest in the Lord that I just spoke of, it’s a fairly appropriate time to have a message from the Lord this morning on Sola Christus. In Christ alone, the only place to put our trust. So let’s begin, shall we?

Sunday Morning Worship @ 8:30am

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Recent Updates

Sun. 1/17
Living Waters

We turn this morning again to the gospel of John. We’ve finished with chapter 3, one of the most often-quoted chapters of scripture in the entire bible, and it is remarkable what we’ve uncovered so far.

Sun. 1/10
Too High to Comprehend, Yet So Simple

We have the joy again this morning of coming to God’s Word. To open it, to read it, to study it, to unfold the truths that it has for us, and to apply it to our lives. It’s been another tough week in our lives as a nation, thinking especially about goings-on at the national political level.

Sun. 1/3
On Celebrity

Happy New Year to everyone! I want to thank you for allowing me the time to be gone last week. I was a little disappointed to spend so much planned time off as a healthy person in quarantine, but alas, these are the times we live in!

Sun. 12/27
Why Was Jesus Born in 4 BC?

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