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May 2014 | Grace Reformed Church

Sermon, April 13, 2014

St. Thomas’ Problem with the Resurrection

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

The apostle Thomas enjoys a wry distinction. He has been remembered for nearly 2,000 years as "doubting Thomas." As a key player in the new wave of God’s work with the world, when trust is the crucial factor in being God’s child, to be known as doubting Thomas isn’t too complimentary.

Sermon, February 23, 2014

Third Stage

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

The text today marks a turning point in the book of Acts. Luke has shown already how God was faithful to his promises by restoring a faithful Israel in Jerusalem. He has also shown how his people of Christ’s Church were extending in surprising ways, both demographically and geographically into the Gentile world.

Now, in the figure of Paul, he will show how the Gospel spread throughout the Mediterranean world, and how Gentiles won recognition as full participants in the restored people of God.


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