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The Road to Kamwangu | Grace Reformed Church

The Evangelism Committee is excited to share that we have heard from two of our new brothers in Christ in Kamwangu Nendini, Kenya … Pastor Mackylas, the pastor we are supporting, and Rev. Mpengu, the clerk of the Central Chogoria Presbytery, Kenya.

We have learned that Pastor Mackylas is serving THREE churches in the wide area that covers the Kamwangu Nendini or mission area. The Chogoria Presbytery has been asked to provide him with a motorcycle in order to cover the entire area. He has been preaching in the churches on Sunday and started right away visiting and praying with the people in their homes during the week.

David Mbae, our Kenyan liaison, took time recently to tour on motorcycle around the Kamwangu Nendini to photograph two of the Kamwangu churches for us. You’ll see some of these pictures in the April newsletter, and they also will soon appear on the new Evangelism bulletin board in the hallway between the education wing and the parlor. Both congregations in this very poor area have begun new church buildings but have run out of funding, so construction has stopped. Please pray for funding. We look forward with excitement to our Christian journey with these people!


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