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Welcome to Grace Reformed Church!

We are a church who constantly strives to be reformed in our theology, biblical in our worship, and eager to reach the lost to share with them the blessings of the grace we receive through faith in Christ. We are a member Evangelical Presbyterian Church, whose core beliefs are summarized in the Essentials of Our Faith, and more completely expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith. Browse our website to learn more about us!

Most Recent Sermon:

Where is Your Unbelief?
Luke 24:36-49

This Week at Grace Reformed:

Week of April 15, 2018

Sun. 4/15, 9:30 am
Sun. 4/15, 6:00 pm
Mon. 4/16, 6:15 am
Mon. 4/16, 6:00 pm
Mon. 4/16, 7:00 pm
Tue. 4/17, 6:15 am
Tue. 4/17, 4:15 pm
Tue. 4/17, 6:30 pm
Wed. 4/18, 6:15 am
Wed. 4/18, 4:30 pm
Wed. 4/18, 7:00 pm
Thu. 4/19, 6:15 am

Sunday Morning Worship @ 9:30am

Sunday Evening Worship @ 6:00pm

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Grace Reformed Church @ City Park

Corner of 8th and Wolcott, Casper, WY - MAP
Ph: (307) 237-9509

Recent Updates

Sun. 4/15
Where is Your Unbelief?
Sun. 4/1
Resurrection -- Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Fri. 3/30
What's So Good About Good Friday?
Sun. 3/25
The Definitive Act of Love